A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for e-artsup with Unity 3D in april / may 2018.

Story :

CyberChase is a game based on an asymmetric gameplay in 2 vs 1.
Two mobster are engaged to rob a bank.
They easily succed to enter and exit with a chest full of gold but in their fleeing, a cop surprise them and start to shoot and chase them across the city to finally be block with them on the top of skyscraper.
The mobster have to wait their helicopter and the cop have to arrest them has fast as possible.

Vocabulary :

Few types of GPE are here to bother each teams :
- Fire trashcans that fall randomly from the sky.
- Treadmills that push players into a specific direction.
- Cones placed by the yellow mobster.

Objectives :

Each team has two differents ways to win the round, the first team with 10 points win the game.

The COP have a gun which allow him to shoot on his ennemies and on the fire trashcans.

The RED mobster have a baseball bat which allow him to hit the COP.

The  YELLOW mobster carry the chest full of golds, that why he have to run. The chest follow the mouse cursor but with it you can spawn cones to bother the COP.


CyberChase_Build.rar 75 MB

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